The letters DISC indicate :

Direct and Dynamic

D types like to be contacted directly. They want to hear the bottom line, the benefits and results and the details only when necessary. They especially ask some questions. They seek GOALS, CONTROL and CHALLENGE, want to lead happy and determine the course of events.

Inspiring & interactive

I would like to be contacted types POSITIVE. They run faster by compliments, PUBLIC recognition, enjoyment, show of feeling and enthusiasm. They ask WHO ASK and know many people. They have lots of ideas and sense of humor. They communicate as the best.

Social & Stable

S-Types would like to be contacted relational. They are friendly and jovial. They ask HOW TO ASK and need time to get used to changes and new ideas. They like to work TOGETHER and serve a need.

Correct and Conscientious

C types like an ANALYTICAL approach to business. They seek objectivity, FACTS, QUALITY, and thoroughness, without haste. They ask WHY ASK and use LOGIC as standard. They did not succumb to any motions but go for the best. Everyone has is a mixture of the four behaviors present which, depending on the situation and the environment may be different.

Fast / extravert
Quiet introvert

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Personality documented

Personality is a dynamic and organised sum of characteristics which can be attributed to a person. This sum of properties therefore determines the way a person will react to various situations, the way he thinks and what motivates him.

The term personality is derived from the Latin ‘persona’ or mask. As a result, the assumption is that personality involves external behavior.

It is different from 'character' in that personality is influenced by upbringing and environment, whereas character is more often considered to be the make-up, (the congenital, often unchangeable) nature of that person.

Personality is also described as the unique and stable pattern of psychological and behavioural characteristics whereby one person is distinguishable from another. Expressed simply: The way in which someone handles varying situations or the behavioural pattern someone demonstrates in different situations is called personality.

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  • Failure


  • Direct communication
  • Prefers to work alone
  • Keep speed
  • Service-to
  • Has great competitive spirit
  • Are Stingy
  • like to compete
  • Tends to act without consulting
  • Lack of challenge leads to loss of interest


  • Challenge
  • authority and power
  • Respect and awe
  • Money and material things
  • No restrictions

Value of the organization:

  • Delivering results
  • Initiating Action
  • Take on challenges
  • Explore new opportunities
  • To take decisions
  • Status quo doubt
  • Solving problems
  • himself and others uitsagen
  • Powers for granted
  • The create customized solutions


  • Rejection


  • Very interested in people
  • Does it bother others reprove
  • Very communicative and talkative
  • Will be able to understand people
  • Does business interests subservient to men
  • Optimistic
  • Always Has arguments ready
  • Attracts sometimes premature conclusions
  • Tends to be underestimated problems or situations
  • Affects and is influenced


  • Deal with people
  • Good financial reward
  • Recognition and Measurement
  • Democratic proportions

Value of the organization:

  • Creating a positive impression
  • Persuasion
  • Motivate to action
  • Generating enthusiasm
  • Entertaining communication style
  • Optimism radiate
  • Networking
  • Commitment cause
  • Strengthening the moral
  • Show Interest in Others


  • Conflict


  • Want to specialize
  • Can perform detailed work
  • Is critical and can not be easily influenced
  • Relies on rules and procedures
  • Can criticism of the work take it personally
  • Try confrontations to resolve diplomatically
  • Do not thoughtless changes
  • Has difficulty with emotions
  • Can make themselves unnecessary worry
  • Basing decisions on factual information


  • Structure and order
  • Clear frameworks
  • Engaging hear, but do not go in
  • Specialty and professionalism

Value of the organization:

  • Concentrate on detail
  • Working under controlled conditions
  • Diplomatic approach
  • Assessing problems and risks
  • Quality and enforce guidelines
  • Monitor and control
  • Debug
  • Create depth analysis
  • Improving standards
  • Collect Facts


  • Uncertainty


  • Is patiently and attentively
  • Does not give up easily (hard worker)
  • Works in a team
  • Maintains close relationships with small groups
  • Has a reliable and practical method
  • Has no objection to routine work
  • Performs plans consistently
  • Speaks displeasure not quickly
  • Has difficulty with changes, relying on experience
  • Determines own work pace


  • Sincerity and heartfelt appreciation
  • Quiet environment
  • Certainty of a fixed income
  • Own fixed workplace

Value of the organization:

  • Gain experience
  • Attentive to work on the task
  • Stable factor in hectic environment
  • Complete Tasks thorough manner
  • Sustain proven practices
  • Work according to established planning
  • Solving problems
  • Others support
  • Service-oriented institution
  • listen attentively