What is a PPA Online assessment?

The Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) from Thomas International has been the world's leading psychometric , assessment and recruitment tool for the employer, recruiter or HR manager for over thirty years.

The PPA is a clearly, written report concerning work conduct and the personality of an applicant or employee. It is a powerful tool to predict someone’s behaviour in a work situation in a swift, reliable and objective manner and to map a person’s key qualities.

PPA ONLINE offers you the Thomas International Personal Profile Analysis report (PPA) for the lowest price possible in the Netherlands.

A PPA assessment report from Thomas International provides the following amazing insight for a candidate:

  • Strong and weak points, or in short, their key qualities
  • Characteristics and conduct in the workplace
  • Motivation
  • Communication and social skills
  • The role most suited for the candidate
  • How the candidate reacts and works under pressure
More about the PPA online assessment

Background to the PPA online assessment

The Personal Profile Analysis is an assessment based on Dr. W.M. Marston’s DISC theory.

The PPA will provide an individual's DISC readings. A measurement on the tendencies to dominate, influence, submit and comply.

The method was developed further by Thomas Hendrickson in the 1960’s and is now called the Thomas International PPA method.

For employers, HR specialists and recruiters asking the question:"is this the candidate for the job?"

ONLINE PPA offers employers and organisations the opportunity, using online assessment, to obtain a Personal Profile Analysis report (PPA) for a candidate to obtain insight into the anticipated work conduct and personal characteristics of that candidate.

Who is it for?

PPA from others

    the no1 assessment in the market
    A PPA report ready for you within 24 hours
    Money back guarentee
    PPA and questionnaire available in 53 languages
    Payment billed to your account
    The PPA test can be taken online

€ 275,- (ex. VAT)


    the no1 assessment in the market
    A PPA report ready for you within 24 hours
    Money back guarentee
    PPA and questionnaire available in 53 languages
    Payment billed to your
    The PPA test can be taken online.

not satisfied? 100% money back guarentee

only € 160,- (ex. VAT) Order your PPA

Frequently asked questions

PPA is necessary?

Using a PPA allows you to make an objective choice when hiring staff.
This will avoid hasty decisions and this can save you a lot of money if you therefore do not take the wrong people.

What is the advantage of a PPA?

PPA provides a reliable picture of the behavior of the candidate in the workplace. This way you can determine whether the candidate can maximize his talents inside the function. This will prove to be a valuable addition to the application letter, CV and interview. If someone of his talents can lost in the post, that person will function better.

What do the interview guidelines?

On the basis of the interview provided by our guidelines, you can in a (continued) meeting with the candidate put simple questions that allow a deeper conversation.

PPA is also useful for current employees?

Certainly. The PPA provides an astonishing insight into whether someone in the right place within his office.
By reducing the PPA, it can happen that jobs are moved internally to make a qualitative leap in the workplace.
So it may be that someone eg. On the accounts actually works much better off in a function with more customer contact.
May also prove an executive no leadership skills.

How should I take the D.I.S.C. read charts?

We will send the charts a general brief explanatory note. This clarifies the manner in which the graphs are to be read.
The reading of the graphs speaks for itself fairly. When unsure, please contact us for further details we are there to help and guide you througout the proces of interpret.


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